About Us

Established in 2010 MercurySend LLC is a 100% wholly owned and operated American Text Message company.

We are growing each day and excited about the growing need for U.S. business' to communicate more directly and efficiently.

Operational 24 hours a day, MercurySend specializes is providing time-critical text message solutions to our clients in a wide range of industries, and reliability is our cornerstone.

The MercurySend team comprises of individuals with many years of experience in software design, business development and integrated text message communications ensuring that our service, and the expertise behind it, is one of the very best in the United States.

We have developed and tested our business text message gateway across all US phone networks, and do so daily ensuring a robust and reliable service to every cell phone carrier. With a strict focus on privacy and security our vision keeps your business and the people you message a priority.

With an enormous growth in mobile text communications, MercurySend is committed to innovation, reliability, and providing a feature rich service that complements this need. Most importantly, ensuring your business has the very best tools to deliver your text message.

For more information on how MercurySend can help your business, please contact us.