Why text?

Communication by mobile text message offers several distinct advantages :


Mobile text messages are delivered straight to a persons mobile phone number.

Text message received

Reach people anywhere they carry their phone with text message no matter what their phone plan or phone model is - because many phone plans don't have email service.

Easy to use

Simply type the message from your desktop or laptop and send multiple text messages to hundreds of recipients at once - great for broadcasts, notifications, established business clients, safety alerts, maintenance reminders, staffing, test results, and appointment reminders.

Cost & time effective

Save valuable work time instead of calling people and leaving voice mail that may not be heard for days or sending an email which is lost to spam. Save on paper and postage delivery for simple notifications, payment reminders, and alerts.

Reinforce your existing communications

You may already have existing communications that require postage, printing, and email delivery, but when it came to the important business day it was misplaced or forgotten about. Sending an automated text message reminder enhances your communications when it really counts.

Risk management

Reduce risk and complaint calls to provide people and customers with up to the minute information on their safety, especially in an emergency situation, or when phone lines and power are down. Send updates on building maintenance issues when people are inconvenienced, or when changes in appointment schedules occur.