How can text be used in my business?

Mobile text messaging is used in business for immediate and direct communication.

No matter what your business needs are there are many cost and time advantages to using text message. It can be used to reinforce and enhance your existing communications by sending text reminders, alerts, or notifications days, hours, or minutes before it is necessary. Here are some examples of how MercurySend can help you.

Appointment Reminders

Small business services, Doctors, Dentists, Veterinary clinics, hair and beauty salon.

Medical & Dental

Send appointment reminder text messages to patients for increased attendance and reduce lost income. Patient "all clear" test results can also be delivered by text to eliminate the need to call up for results. Save valuable time calling each patient.

Established Customer Communications

Payment reminders, collection of goods for pick up or delivery, one-day-sale text coupons, insurance policy reminders.

Staffing and Recruitment Solutions

Job site reminders, schedule changes, maximize immediate and temp hire needs, advertise jobs when people can't answer calls or check email.

Emergencies and Crisis Management

Use text message to back-up your emergency communications strategy. Keep your people informed directly. Prevent risk, save lives, text critical safety alerts and updates during a crisis. Send to hundreds or thousands from any location.

Office/College Campus/School Building

Safety and maintenance alerts - keep people, parents, students directly informed to minimize risk. Can also be used for important school announcements, changes in academic schedule, sports practice times and location, parent/teacher notifications, and school fund raising.

System Alerts

Server alerts, IT applications, get notified of problems when they occur.

Building & Property Managers

Send notifications about important building repairs or scheduled maintenance issues, inspections, deliveries, and rent payment reminders.

Realtors & Brokers

Send mobile text messages to clients notifying them of new property availability, increasing turnout, speeding up sales and rental turn over.


Film and theatre festivals, promote your screenings or previews, send messages to buyers, distributors, media, and fill seats when it counts. Great for independent film makers.


Send reminders to customers for important servicing, oil changes, pick up times.


Send alerts to your supporters, get out to vote reminders, great for fundraising events.