How to send text message from your email

M Text

Yes you can with MercurySend!

March 1, 2014

Email to text, known as 2 way texting, allows you to send a message from your email and have it converted to an SMS text message.

Great for business and corporations to maximize their email interface to send both emails and texts.

MercurySend is a leader in business text message technology in the U.S.A. Just register with MercurySend for a free trial and see how it works. Once you have registered your email you can then send a message from your normal email interface to the desired cell number as follows:

To: 917***
Subject: 3pm Meeting
Message: Don't forget the meeting has been moved to 3pm today!

But this time the message will be converted to a text on the recipients mobile phone.

How does it work with replies?

Easily. The recipient can then reply to the text and it will apear in your email. You will know who is replying because you have uploaded your contacts into your MercurySend portal. This is how the system can identify which number is replying and attach the senders name.

When more than 98% of people read a text message as soon as it is received why bother sending an email that can take up to 90 minutes or longer to read.