Why property managers are using text message

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Property Management Groups are seeing the benefits to using text message

July 1, 2014

Apartment building residents and commercial buildings across America are seeing the benefits to receiving a text message reminder for maintenance, staffing, rostering, emergencies, and day to day repairs. Gone are the days of repeated flyers under your door, calls, and forgotten or lost email reminders.

Maintenance Alerts and Updates - With a simple text message property managers can remind and update that next water shut off or necessary elevator repair, and best of all send updates during and after the repairs are done. It's immediate and reliable.

Text message is even being used for rent reminders, lease renewals, and to prospective buyers and tenants for openings when they become available. Most importantly to send out critical messages to building staff for rostering, and on immediate repairs and situations that arise at any time of the day.

Reduce Complaints - Rather than dealing with hundreds of calls and more often complaint calls a simple text message reduces stress levels from residents, keeps them informed up to the minute as required. It saves time but it also shows that the property manager is engaging with your residents.

Emergency and Safety - For emergencies text message is proving even better as a reliable back up to existing building alarms - for instance what happens if on the day your emergency alarm system does not work? How do you reach everybody at the same time? How do you notify everyone its not a test drill?

Text message reaches every cell phone model and plan instantly. With more than 98% of people reading a text as soon as they receive it that facts speak for itself.

MercurySend delivers to every cell network in the United States and is a leader in text message services for business. On our user interface gives you control on what you send and when you send it. You simply log in and upload your contacts per building, create groups, create template messages, and even schedule the sending time.