Why text message in business is better

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Endless calls or robo calling don't work!

February 1, 2014

Having your automated voice message service call me til I pick up the phone won't work with me. I had 10 calls this past week from a free trial service I signed up with, I'm not really sold on their product, but 10 phone calls and voice mails? That's just plain annoying and has distanced me even further from their service.

Apart from being too intrusive, people seldom answer a phone number they don't know - why should they? These services are very 20th century and have no place with the 21st and mobile century.

Send text message instead and not only will people read it, but they are more likely respond to you too. More importantly if they work for you or have an appointment at your business the number that you have disclosed works best rather than some auto dialing software that uses any kind of number. When some automated services say they will keep calling until the person picks up the phone - think about how annoying your product will be when they eventually do.

A dedicated business text number is a great solution and allows your people to identify you immediately.

MercurySend offers all business' and corporations reliability and the opportunity to text message on a large scale, create groups, and schedule a text message at any time of the day. When your communication message is important we also provide a dedicated number for your business so that the recipient knows it's coming from you and not from a spam generated auto dialer, or spam text service usually associated with a short code.

Make your message more user friendly and direct and send a text with MercurySend.

See how it works and start a free trial at anytime.

And we promise not to call you ten times... But we will get back to you if you call us! Isn't that how it should be?