Why you should use MercurySend text message in your business

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We often ask, what will be next when it comes to communications?

May 1, 2014

Since it's creation in 1992 SMS or Short Message Service, popularly known as text message or texting has been a reliable and direct way to communicate with one's mobile phone.

With the growing number of apps and smart phone technologies, one time tested way to deliver a message has stood strong.

Text Message

Text Message goes directly to the cell number, and more likely to be read immediately over emails or voice mails. Some people just don't even answer calls from a number they don't know thus making tele-marketing, cold calling, and robo-calling a thing of the past. And emails? Don't get me started on emails! Today I have about 300 emails and four different email addresses, and somewhere in that mess are three or four important emails (and that's just for today). Medical offices especially are seeing the benefits to sending a text message appointment reminder over email or calling 20 to 30 patients. In an emergency a text to 300 or 1000 people to evacuate a building clears confusion and provides a reliable back-up if on the day building emergency alarms don't work. Human resources can fill a temp position virtually immediately by sending a text to 50 available candidates at once. This is really immediate.

Today person to person texting has become the boom for the telecommunications industry. But now business' and corporations are seeing the time and cost benefits with a direct text message to their staff or clients when it really counts. B2B, B2E, B2C Human resources, Schools, building management, internal company communications, appointment reminders, emergencies, alerts are all being utilized by a simple text message because it's efficient, everyone reads it, and it works.

With U.S. based MercurySend you can easily type in your message on your desktop, laptop, or tablet and send to tens, or hundreds or thousands of recipients at once. Create desired groups, template messages, even schedule the time the texts go out from your portal, anywhere and at anytime. What makes MercurySend unique is none of the major telecommunications networks provide what we have.

MercurySend is a superior business text message tool created with intuition and reliability from the ground up and sends to every U.S. cell network. Try our no obligation free trial and unleash the message communications your business needs.